3 months crash course to fill the learning gaps in Maths & Science.

For grades 7 to 11 

Covid 19 Pandemic & offline learning took away a major chunk of conceptual knowledge and healthy class room learning from your children.

They missed the start, middle or end of topics important for higher studies and competitive exams.

And, missed personal attention required to identify and rectify their fault lines

If not addressed, they will have massive learning gaps and won’t be ready for current  academic year and advanced topics.

For example, Current Grade 7 students are missing the critical concepts from Grade 5 and 6 required for this year.

Grade 11 students might be missing career defining conceptual and deeper understanding from grades 9 and 10 required for grades 11, 12 and competitive exams.

We offer a thoughtful, carefully crafted course to bridge this gap and enable your kids to face the new school year with confidence and competence.

We fill the gap….

Non-disruptive, infotaining and fun-filled online classes guided by experienced & qualified teachers. Join us in this journey to erase your children’s covid-19 induced academic blind spots- STEP BACK TO LEAP FORWARD.

Step Back To Leap Forward

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